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i-Phone Screen Repair

Hartzog's offers a range of services for repairing common issues with iPhones, including screen repair, battery and camera replacement, charging port repair, and water damage repair.

Screen repair is a common service, as iPhones are prone to cracking or shattering their screens when dropped or mishandled. Replacing the damaged screen with a new one, will restore the phone's functionality and appearance.

Battery and camera replacement are also common repair services. Over time, iPhone batteries may lose their ability to hold a charge or may stop working altogether, and the camera may become damaged or malfunction. We can replace the battery or camera to restore the phone's functionality.

Charging port repair is another common service, as charging ports may become damaged or stop working over time. We can repair or replace the charging port to restore the phone's ability to charge properly.

Water damage repair is also a specialized service offered. If your iPhone has been exposed to water or other liquids, we may be able to clean and repair the internal components to restore functionality.

Hartzog's offers fast and convenient service, with repairs done in-store typically  in under an hour. It's important to choose a reputable and experienced repair service to ensure that your iPhone is repaired correctly and efficiently.