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Classic Champagne Flute Set

Classic Champagne Flute Set

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For those moments that call for a toast, our Classic Champagne Flutes Set offers the perfect combination of elegance and capacity. Crafted to hold up to 9 ounces, these flutes are designed to celebrate any occasion with style, ensuring each sip of champagne or sparkling wine is enjoyed in its fullest splendor.

  • Capacity: 9 oz., allowing for generous servings of bubbly.
  • Dimensions: 1.75" diameter x 10.75" height, striking the right balance between form and function.
  • Set of Two: Ideal for special occasions or adding a touch of class to any day.
  • Sleek Design: Their slender shape not only looks impressive but also amplifies the champagne's aroma and taste.
  • Care Recommendation: Suggested hand wash to maintain their exquisite look.