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Endure Titanium Men's Wedding Band

Endure Titanium Men's Wedding Band

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Interlocking Infinity Symbol Flat Brushed Titanium Men's Wedding Band With Polished Grooves.

Atlantis reborn. This Mycenaean-style Titanium men’s wedding band, named ENDURE, forms an interlocking infinity symbol. The flat and brushed surface is marked with polished grooves, giving it a mysterious facade. The edges dip and raise, delivering an incredibly unique design overall. The ring comes in 8mm widths.

  • Available in 8mm width.
  • One-of-a-kind interlocking infinity symbol band, with a flat brushed surface and polished grooves for added effect.
  • Titanium has much higher durability than gold, platinum, and steel.
  • Since Titanium does not contain nickel it’s hypoallergenic.

Size 10