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Montrose Titanium Men's Wedding Band

Montrose Titanium Men's Wedding Band

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MONTROSE Wavy Gold And Gunmetal Texture Pattern Inlaid Titanium Men's Wedding Band With Flat Polished Profile - 8mm

A minimalist’s fever dream. This MONTROSE titanium men’s wedding band has a wavy, textured pattern on the surface outlined in alternating hues of gold and gunmetal. It has a flat, polished profile with clean, striking edges. It may have a simple design, but it gleams fantastically on the finger. It comes in an 8mm width

  • Available in 8mm width.
  • A titanium band with a flat, polished profile, and a wavy gold, and gunmetal textured surface.
  • Titanium ranks higher in durability than gold, platinum, and steel.
  • Titanium is hypoallergenic because there are no alloys like nickel.

Size 10