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Share the Love Kids Bracelet

Share the Love Kids Bracelet

My Saint My Hero
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St. Amos, a “saint for the people,” was sent from God to create unity among diversity, restore peace and dignity, and most importantly, spread LOVE – a message needed now more than ever! We want to share our love with you and those you love. Wear one, share one. Let ‘em know they’re loved. – Caitlin & John Stamos

  • This Share the Love St. Amos Love Bracelet for Kids comes on woven cording with a sliding slip knot closure that enables the bracelet to fit nearly all children ages 5 and up. 8.5" when fully opened
  • Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 3 rose gold or silver-tone St. Amos saint medals and a "loved" tag
  • Medals made in Italy
  • The card is signed with a unique message from Caitlin and John Stamos