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Virage Titanium Men's Wedding Ring

Virage Titanium Men's Wedding Ring

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VIRAGE Raised Horizontal Etch and Diagon-Shaped Cuts Centered Titanium Men's Wedding Ring With Polished Step Edges - 8mm

Raise your level. The VIRAGE Titanium men’s wedding ring has polished, stepped edges that surround a raised center band. Horizontal etching and diagonal-shaped cuts cross-cross down the center, elevating its style and nobility. It’s available in an 8mm width and several sizes. Never before has there been a more masculine and bold design.

  • Available in 8mm width.
  • A raised center with horizontal and diagonal etchings, which sits above polished, stepped edges.
  • Titanium has much higher durability than gold, platinum, and steel.
  • Since Titanium does not contain nickel it’s hypoallergenic.

Size:  11